Having a great culture in your work environment empowers the whole team. This video shows the Gentis team and how important having fun is to our culture. When you truly enjoy the people you work with and the atmosphere at work, working hard and playing hard go hand-in-hand. “You can’t make people like each other, but if you try to hire the right folks for your culture, you’ll get more of that – and boy, we have really nailed it here,” says Daniel Moore, CEO.

At Gentis, we are more focused on relationships. “You don’t feel like it’s that top-down mentality where they’re pushing down on everyone. This is about raising everyone up to that level,” says Rob Redmond, Account Executive. This type of culture lets people do their job and respects the work done. “That’s the fun part of coming in and knowing that I’m going to see people I love to work with every day,” says Randi Brofft, Director of Sales.

When COVID hit some of the Gentis team, Beau Phillips, Director of Marketing, made homemade chicken noodle soup and delivered it to everyone’s home. “I just remember that being nothing I’d ever seen in corporate America. The attention to someone after hours to want to treat them like a friend or an ally is not something you find. I want to hire people like that,” says Moore.

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